Do you want to upskill yourself or your team in media planning? Or bring you up to speed on certain channels you are exploring for your business? 

Are you simply looking for guidance on how to set the right channel mix? Or how to set a clear media strategy with clear objectives and a plan to action?

Each course is bespoke and build based on your specific needs and is designed for you to get the most out of it. 

The courses can be either face to face or via a virtual meeting. They can be 1-to-1 or for a team. 

This is a great way to expand and bring in the knowledge into your business or to get a refresh.

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Webinars will be about a specific media topic, influenced by current trends and interests. 

The latest event was a talk about how brands can genuinely give back to communities.

Brands doing good and giving back to communities is getting more and more relevant as consumers' demand for social responsibility increases.

But consumers are also very critical and detect social washing or green washing quick and call brands out when they do.

Nina Franck and Sarah Lipman (Communications, Storytelling and Brand Strategist, ex TOMS, ex Sofar Sounds) have talked about what social responsibility means for brands and how to integrate it into the brand, product and communication.

This event was held as part of Refugee Week in June (4th - 20th June) and the donations that came through the ticket sale went to ChooseLove. 

ChooseLove is a Help Refugee charity helping displaced people to get some dignity back and help them on their path to a new life. I have volunteered at their shop in London for a couple of years and am still supporting them as they are so valuable to so many people. And they do it all with a positive message instead of using guilt/pity messaging.

You can still donate by purchasing a recording of this event.

Give as much as you like and can. Tickets are donation only. 100% of the donations go to ChooseLove.

Get the recording here