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Media Planning

Media can come across as a big black box and it can be daunting to look into traditional channels if these are new to you. 

If your comfort zone is social media or digital media I am your partner to broaden the media mix for you and ensure the digital and offline plans become integrated and measurable. 

Every brand and product has its own challenges, never mind the budgets which often can be tight. Within the resources given I will help you maximise these with the media mix that suits you. 

We will start with your audience and build a tailored channel mix that takes into consideration online and offline channels to identify the best strategy for you and your audience. 

To ensure your media investment feeds into your overall goal a measurement plan is a given for every strategy. 

We don't have to build a plan from scratch. Sometimes an external audit of existing plans and a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes to push your campaign further.  

Book in a free 30 minute consultation call to see if we are a good fit. 

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