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How brands can genuinely give back to communities

Last month it was Refugee Week. Personally, I have supported ChooseLove as a volunteer during their pop-up shop in London for two years in a row before the pandemic hit. Professionally I aim to do good through my work too. When ChooseLove approached me and asked if I wanted to support them during this year’s Refugee Week I was thrilled. Yes, a chance to also give back through my business. A fundraising event about how brands can genuinely do good it was. Everyone could give as much as they like and as little as they can.

Brands doing good and giving back to communities is getting more and more relevant as consumers' demand for social responsibility increases.

But consumers are also very critical and detect social washing or green washing quick and call brands out when they do.

I had partnered up with Sarah Lipman who is a Communications, Storytelling and Brand Strategist, and has worked with the likes of TOMS and Sofar Sounds. Together we have talked about what social responsibility means for brands and how to integrate it into the brand, product and communication.

Here are my key takeaways from the event: 👉 Purpose needs to come from the core of the company and brand in order to be authentic. It can add value along the process of sourcing, production, selling, disposal and of course the people along the process. 👉 It needs to be a long-term commitment. Build a true partnership with external partners that help with or receive the purpose. 👉 Purpose can start small and grow from there. Start with research about where you can make a change or an impact and take it from there. Be honest about your beliefs, purpose and journey. 👉 Everyone in the company needs to see and understand the purpose, and it needs to be owned by everyone and every team in the company. 👉 Communicate internally first, get the teams on board before you start communicating externally. 👉 Be honest and authentic in your communication. Take the customers along the journey to make them feel part of it. 👉 Certificates and honest intentions & communication help gain trust.

All ticket sale was donated to Choose Love. For those who want to get a recording of the talk, you can grab it on Eventbrite for a donation via below link. You decide how much you want to give for it.

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