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Is Connected TV consumption here to stay?

During the last year, as we all know too well, we spent way more time at home, shifting our entertainment and media consumption habits. One shift has been to use smart TVs not just for streaming or watching, well, TV but also for listening to music and watching content from favourite websites for example VICE, COPA90 etc.

I have observed that trend during the last year in campaigns and heard it from talking to various media owners as well. From a campaign with a music streaming platform for example some formats have been served through Connected TV (CTV) by up to one quarter which is significant.

It is a trend that has been observed before, albeit to a lower degree. While we have opened up now in the UK and other EU countries are most likely following over the next weeks and months it remains interesting to see if the CTV consumption will further increase or if it will decrease slightly and level out at some lower but still relevant point.

Content watched through large devices can have a positive impact on attention. CTV content has been largely watched for longer than on mobile devices as you can immerse in the content better but also watch it in a more relaxed environment instead of maybe being on the go.

However, while pre-rolls on CTV lead to higher VTRs (view through rates) this might be not due to higher interest but also due to convenience. It is easer to skip on a mobile phone or tablet than on TV. So, you can get the whole message across but if attention is higher remains to be seen.

What we know from people watching an ad on TV though, even if watched when second screening, delivers higher awareness and immediate action (based on a TV Master study).

When users stream website content now through TV devices, this could mean that awareness can increase further and can be followed by action such as a search or website/app visit.

I am curious to see where this consumption trend will go over the next 6 to 12 months.

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